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About Thin Ice

Alpenglow illuminates the 20,300-foot drilling camp on the Guliya ice cap in the remote Kunlun Shan in western Tibet, during Lonnie Thompson's three-month expedition in 1992. (©2005 Bruce Koci)

2. Working in a crevasse during Lonnie's "dream expedition" to the Quelccaya ice cap in southern Peru in 1983. The thick annual snow layers, which could be counted back 1,500 years in the Quelccaya ice cores, are visible on the crevasse walls. (©2005 Keith Mountain)

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Thin Ice

Henry Holt and Co.

A John Macrae/Holt
Paperbacks Book

496 pages
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

Two 8-page b&w inserts

Pub Date: 10/3/06
ISBN: 0805081356

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About Thin Ice

3. A stalwart Mongol guide astride an equally stalwart horse at the 17,500-foot drilling camp on China's Dunde ice cap in 1987. Dunde lies in the Qilian Shan, the range that defines the border between the Gobi Desert to the north and the Tibetan Plateau to the south. (
©2005 Keith Mountain)

4. The 1993 drilling camp silhouetted against the south summit of Huascarán, the highest mountain in Peru, alight with alpenglow. Lonnie's team lived and worked for more than fifty days at this 19,500-foot camp, enduring a ferocious windstorm that destroyed, among other things, the large cook tent in the photo. (
©2005 Bruce Koci)

5. The traditional Aymara llama sacrifice that the local villagers insisted upon carrying out in order to appease the mountain god before allowing Lonnie's drilling team to climb Sajama -- the highest mountain in Bolivia -- in 1997. The team lived on the 21,500-foot summit for twenty-eight consecutive days and succeeded in drilling two 130-meter cores to bedrock, the highest ever recovered at the time. This record did not last long, however: they recovered three cores at about 23,500 feet on the Dasuopu ice cap in the Tibetan Himalaya only three months later. (
©2005 Bruce Koci)

6. Bolivian porters in a tent at Sajama's 18,000-foot High Camp. Twenty-one-year-old Genaro "Primero," center, who made an amazing twenty-three roundtrips between High Camp and the summit in the space of eighteen days, brings me coca tea. (©2005 Mark Bowen)