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Who can prescribe strattera in australia ? Hi there, in australia it is not legal to prescribe, though i have heard it is in japan. But its certainly possible. The pharmacist does not need a license at all. What are your thoughts on the issue of legality strattera use? Does it fit with the rest of your practice? Its very interesting. I am not sure where some of the information I have read (that is all I have) came from. can certainly see an argument that there is a need to restrict the use of this product to those who are clearly suffering from an addiction. I could see that as being a legitimate concern. In any case, the question is whether it does actually can strattera be bought over the counter fit with the majority of my practice at this time. Hi Dr. C. What is your opinion on the strattera controversy? Is it a good idea to prescribe it? Hi there! I have been involved in strattera for some years now and I would put my opinion down as follows: it is absolutely not recommended for use with children under 18 as there are reports from around the globe that it can cause long-term, or potentially, severe effects on the brain and other developing organs. I am not an expert on the subject, but I would not recommend it. that you talk is strattera over the counter about it with your child's pediatrician and ask them about the pros and cons of prescribing it. As far I am concerned, it is a dangerous drug and its use should be discouraged unless it is absolutely necessary to treat a life-threatening condition. Do you have any advice for parents of children who are using it? I think that if there are any parents out there, it is likely that they are doing the right thing. We do not believe that the benefits of these drugs outweigh the harms. They may be useful when a child is in dire situation or facing a health emergency, in the rare event that they are experiencing a severe case of asthma. We are not saying they should be used as are. They are an important addition to treatment for children, and are important children with epilepsy, cancer, and many other conditions. What is the longest you saw a patient using strattera? The longest I have ever seen a patient using strattera was 11 months, and that in a pediatric clinic Australia. Is it illegal to use strattera if it's not prescribed by a doctor? Its illegal in Australia to prescribe it, but I am not aware of anyone being charged. Why do you think it is illegal to prescribe strattera? I think that the reason why it is illegal because of the potential for abuse drug. There is a lot of anecdotal reports people taking the drug on their own. I think that they are doing so not because they Ketotifen fumarate generic are trying to treat their situation or because they want to, but can. I believe they are getting high off the drug, and that can cause a lot of harm to kids (especially under 18 and those who are a young person). If you are going to prescribe it, it appropriately for the person's situation. I would not prescribe it for someone who is really addicted or on a medication that is making them very ill. Is there a link between the use of strattera and development schizophrenia or other brain disorders?

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Strattera is used for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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